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Dear Good Friends and patients,

Home working, for most of us, can lead to the following complaints from colleagues and you alike re back and neck pain predominantly. So let’s address these problems with a few simple postural exercises.

Most of us habitually look at our mobiles, laptops and/or desktops with what is called FHP or forward head posture. In other words:-

* slouched posture

* chin poking forward

* shoulders hunched forwards

Easily rectified with 3 easy exercises! You can do these in any order…….

1.If already seated:- 

Take your chin gently backwards from this forward position,(not downwards or upwards). Continue and you will find your whole posture changes completely. Stretch your trunk and head upwards, shoulders relaxed and core muscles gently engaged. Hold for 10 seconds.

  1. Standing:- 

Stand against a wall, shoulders relaxed. Engage your core, lift up your sternum (breast bone) and slide your head backwards till it touches the wall. Sometimes if you have a very rounded back through years of poor posture, it may not be possible to do this. If this is the case do not tilt your head back! Still keep it upright and hold for 10 seconds.

  1. 3. Lying:- 

Pop a rolled towel under your head (not your neck). Press your head into the towel and lengthen your neck. Hold for 10 seconds.

Keep active, check your posture regularly and remember those work breaks.


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