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Breast cancer awareness month (October)

Dear Good Friends and Patients,

This month is Breast Cancer Month and we would like to draw your attention to the routine checks everyone (yes this means women AND MEN) should be undertaking weekly to ensure there have been no changes in their breasts.

The changes include:-

* lumps/swelling
* skin changes
* nipple changes
* rash/ crusting around the nipple
* unusual liquid/ discharge from the nipple
* size/shape changes
* pain in breast/armpit

Remember to check regularly all parts of your breasts, armpits and up to your collarbones for changes.

Touch your breasts.
Look for changes.
Check any changes with your GP.

With all good wishes to each of you-

Caro, Elizabeth and Suzanne at Charterhouse Physiotherapy
We treat post breast cancer Lymphoedema-please contact us for help.

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